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Kitchen Refurbishments Ulverston

Samuel SheldonKitchen Refurbishments Ulverston

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Kitchen refurbishments Ulverston

Ulverston is a market town located between Barrow and Kendal in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria. It is most noted for being the birthplace of Stan Laurel (Born Arthur Jefferson) He was one part of a comedic duo known for their slapstick antics in movie shorts and were loved the world over as Laurel and Hardy (Oliver Hardy) A statue was erected of Stan and Olly in the town in 2009 in honour of its connection to its favourite son Stan.  

The town itself is made up of narrow cobbled streets in parts and modern building work as the town developed. There are plenty of establishments providing traditional fare and on market days (Usually a Thursday) The town is bustling with tourists and locals going about their business. The towns border leads out to a coastal road (Bardsea) And is one of two main routes between Barrow and Ulverston Running the length of this side of Morecambe Bay it is a popular road for motorcyclists as the bends allow for a long sweeping drive. 

There is also a working Priory on this road occupied by Buddhist monks. Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre offers a place to stop with an opportunity to enjoy the gardens and some refreshments. On the other side of Ulverston is the Hoad Hill on top of which stands a monument to another of Ulverston’s noted sons. In this case, it is a monument to the memory of Sir John Barrow who was born in 1764 in Ulverston and was the 1st Baronet and also served under the Admiralty from 1804-1845   

Ulverston has a few other attractions to catch while you are there like the Laurel and Hardy Museum, a Stone Circle up on Birkrigg common, a Bobbin Mill and a Water Mill to name a few. If hiking is your thing, then a walk up the Hoad can be challenging or if you have more time on your hands then The Cumbria Way is a popular route.  

In 2009, Ulverston was near the epicentre of an earthquake measuring 3.7 on the Richter magnitude scale. There was very little damage but Tremors could be felt across south Cumbria and parts of north Lancashire. The British Geological Survey stated that earthquakes of such magnitude occur roughly once a year in Britain. The only earthquake in the region which was stronger, a magnitude 4.4 struck Lancaster in 1835. 

Ulverston town has successfully integrated a traditional and historic feel with the convenient and modern facilities we have come to expect. If you just want to stroll down cobbled streets and sit outside drinking a latte, they can provide it. But equally the usual modern fare is also at hand and with a friendly population of just 11,678 you can find interesting conversation or smile wherever you go. Typical of the towns in the area Ulverston is a town that welcomes tourists and visitors all year round.  Reasonably priced accommodation and great transport links throughout the area, Ulverston and the surrounding towns are always worth a visit and stay. 

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Kitchen refurbishments Ulverston

Samuel Sheldon Ltd Ulverston employs the relevant tradespeople for kitchen refurbishments such as Carpenters and joiners who are fully qualified to carry out the necessary work.  At Sheldon’s they will use sub-contractors, and individual self-employed workers (joiners and carpenters) Sheldon’s enjoy being recommended by friends and other building trade people who have used their services in the past.  To decide if Sheldon’s is the best Kitchen refurbishment contractor for you is to check out the kind of work, they have already carried out like kitchen and Bathroom refurbishments. They will also know who will be required to complete the work such as Joiners and Carpenters, you can also check out the kinds of reviews Sheldon’s received online from previous work like kitchens for new builds. If you believe Sheldon’s building contractors are suitable for the work you need to be carried out. Then contact them to discuss at length the tasks and work you require of them. 

A building contractor like Sheldon’s will oversee the kitchen fitters employed that will carry out the actual work whether it is building cabinets or fitting kitchen appliances. It is important to note that a contractor like Sheldon’s may have their own workers but will work with whomever it is you have employed to do the work. Sheldon’s own Fitters can work with a multitude of materials from veneers to oak and beechwood. Their fully qualified team are well versed in the kinds of materials that manufacturers are using in modern kitchen cabinets and workspaces but they are also adept with the more traditional styles of kitchens which tend to be softer woods and are designed towards a family-style kitchen, meaning it is more functional and practical as opposed to the modern theme of storage and bright eye-catching colours.  

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