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Building Extensions Askam

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Building Extensions Askam

Askam is situated between Barrow and Ulverston. Originally the town grew from the village of Ireleth, which was established as a farming village in Medieval times. The village was developed into a town when it was discovered that there were large deposits of iron ore in the area in the 18th century. It is now most noted for having a functioning brick factory. Sitting on the eastern bank of the Irish sea, it has a population of 3,462 and is surrounded by fantastic views like Black Combe, another prominent feature on the Furness peninsular. Its view and situation next to the Duddon Estuary mean the area is teeming with wildlife and fauna and a great place to start when exploring the lake district and surrounding areas.  

Askam-in-Furness was once famed as an industrial mining area. The discovery of significant iron ore deposits in 1850 turned out to be England’s second-largest iron ore deposit. Over 7 million tonnes were extracted! This brought hundreds of workers to the area from across Britain and put Askam on the map, with a railway station opening in 1851 and rows of terraced houses popping up to accommodate the influx of miners and their families. Askam has since relinquished its mining days and is perhaps now better known for its abundance of wildlife and beautiful sand-dune nature reserves. Askam is easily accessible by rail, whether travelling south from Carlisle or west from Lancaster; Northern Trains offers a scenic coastal journey to Askam-in-Furness. Plus, there are easy connections through Manchester and Preston. The town can be accessed by car via the A595. 

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Building Extensions Askam

Having an extra plot of land is just the first step in building an extension to your home. The work which follows brings all the essential components and parts which make the building secure, from the footings to underpinning existing foundations. Pouring concrete ensuring there is adequate drainage, before damp proofing, shuttering and formworks are both methods used in concrete pouring and consist of a framework or mould into which concrete is poured giving a particular shape or finish to the foundation.  

Many of the traditional techniques employed in the past have been made obsolete by new materials and cost-saving practices, however, the vast majority of the existing buildings all have traditional building works within them. Therefore, the use of modern and traditional techniques is required by any crew set to task on building either from scratch or extending on existing buildings. As many will have discovered when starting any kind of undertaking there is a specific process that needs to be employed to ensure the work is carried out in a timely fashion and meets all the requirements. Research, planning permissions and ensuring building regulations adhere to all need to be in place before plans (Architecture) and builders are employed to carry out the work.  

Not all building extension work is required to have planning permission but ascertaining this is the case is essential before embarking on such a venture. A single-story extension is the most common work carried out and is an alternative if a loft conversion (Building up instead of out) is not an option. Things to consider include cost, time scales, services and neighbouring properties all need to be taking into consideration. 

It is possible to stay in your home while the work is being carried out but you will need to consider the mess that such an undertaking will definitely incur and it is worth thinking about the workforce which will have to work around you while you continue to be in the building. Building work can however take up to three months to complete and this would be a challenge to any homeowner needing to find temporary accommodation. 

Loft conversions are the most practical way of extending your home and creating more living space in an existing property.  The main thing to consider with a loft conversion is the head space. The highest point is usually the centre or apex of the roof and ideally, you should have at least 2.8m clear vertical space. As it is an upward extension an additional staircase would be required or loft ladders but either way room is required to build access to the loft space  

Often it is better to extend outwards and this can add value to your property when you come to sell it. An existing structure that needs to be extended may need under-pinning to save any existing structure while foundations are extended to meet the new building. Other options may be the demolition of any current structures not needed or required for the new build.  It is anticipated that all works like cavity wall insulation, plumbing and electrical wiring are carried out during construction to ensure a smooth finish for plastering and rendering and ensure all building specifications and building regulations are adhered to. 

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We specialise in carrying out first rate quality works for all kinds of customers in both the private and public sectors. Our services include but are not limited to; bricklaying, joinery, plastering, extensions, roofing and everyday routine maintenance work. We also do commercial or public sector projects so please take a little time to look around the site at all of the services we have on offer.

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