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Finishing Projects

It’s been a busy week finishing up jobs for Samuel Sheldon Ltd. We are thrilled with the progress on our client’s projects thus far with many of the building projects completed to our high standards. You’re all due an update on where we are at.

St Bees, which we updated you all on in the last blog, is now complete. The landscaping and groundwork are complete, we have installed the garage as the client wanted it and finished the installation of the garage doors. We are very happy with how it all came out and hope it serves as an example of the quality landscaping and garages we can perform.

St James is now fully completed, with the extra jobs inside the classrooms finished and up to our standards. This was a job located in the local area, which we hope will inspire others in the area to consider getting extensions of their own.

The library at Ulverston has been proceeding nicely; the ground floor stud walls have been installed to create the layout of the bar and restaurant area. The next stage will be to set up an acoustic ceiling, which will help to soundproof the apartment above to avoid noise leaking in.

The colin pit farm project as mentioned last week has had the kitchen refurbishment installed. The final stage will be to refit the bathroom and ensure it is correctly waterproofed against leaks. Bathroom refurbishments are a common request for Samuel Sheldon Ltd and we want to make sure all of this work is up to our high standards. After all, your satisfaction is our reputation.

We have been doing some more work on the Ulpha Church restoration, replacing the sandstone coins and the leadwork underneath. Additionally, we will be working on a traditional lime render and mortar to keep to the theme of the building. We want to make sure that the restoration won’t ruin the style of the building.

But that’s not all; lots more enquiries and quotes have come in and gone out for some exciting future projects, and members of the team have been out and about pricing up jobs, such as a big extension down at Ulverston and a few here in Millom.

If you want to improve your property, build a new one or refit the rooms, why not choose Samuel Sheldon Ltd? We strive to provide completed projects at top quality and speed and would love to discuss what you would like. Please do get in touch by phoning 01229 773295, or email us at

Project updates

We have not had an update on recent building projects over the past few weeks, so I think it’s about time we updated you all on what has been happening at Samuel Sheldon Ltd.

As mentioned previously, St James School in Millom has now been completed, but Samuel Sheldon Ltd is currently carrying out some extra jobs inside the classroom. They are installing a media wall as well as more cupboard storage. Outside, the exposed areas have now been filled in with tarmac.

St Bees, which consists of a garage and some landscaping work, is coming along nicely now that we have had a break in the weather. The groundwork and brickwork are now complete, and the GRP roof has been installed. The next phase of the project will be the rendering and dashing, and installation of the garage doors. This will be completed over the next few weeks.

A restoration project has started this week at St James church in Millom; The team will be carrying out stonework repairs, brickwork repointing using traditional lime base mortar, repairs to the led glass windows using traditional techniques, installation of modern damp-proof membranes with existing brickwork and repairs to the damaged lime plaster using traditional materials. A similar restoration project is also being carried out at Ulfa Church in Broughton.

One of the building projects started a few weeks ago at Colin pit Farm has also seen progress with the plastering completed. This property will also have a kitchen and bathroom refurbishment which will be arriving and installed in the next week.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has returned to St Bernard’s School to perform maintenance work during the half-term holiday.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd is currently taking enquiries for building projects needed for summer 2023; if you would like a quote for anything from garages and landscaping, house extensions, building restoration, or kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, then please get in touch by phoning 01229 773295. Alternatively, our email address is,


Building regulations for 2022

In June of this year(2022), it was announced that there would be changes to the building regulations which would affect the building construction industry; whether it is a new building or existing property, there are changes which affect everyone.

One of the new proposals states that all new homes must produce no more than 30% carbon dioxide emissions. New fabric efficiency standards will apply to an existing property if you install new or replacement thermal elements, such as windows or doors.

Whilst we are on the subject of windows and doors, another recommendation has been put forward stating that all new windows should be fitted with trickle vents unless you have alternative ventilation such as air bricks.

There are new regulations around the maximum flow temperature allowed for heating systems. Previously the maximum temperature was set to 75%; this has now reduced rapidly to 55%.

As well as updating the regulations, there have also been two new regulations added; let’s see what that means for you,

Part O – To limit excess solar gain in new and existing homes and to remove excess heat.

Part S – Means to future-proof homes and buildings by installing charging points for electric vehicles.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd will always follow the correct policies and procedures when completing your building project. They will advise you of everything that needs to be put into place before starting the project and keep you up to date on any changes along the way.

If you have a building project submitted and approved before the 15th of June 2022, then the new building regulations won’t apply; this being said, you must have plans to start on the project before the 15th of June 2023.

If you have any queries about the new building regulations, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01229 773295,

or our email address is


What’s the process of a house extension?

When it comes to house extensions, you are probably thinking, what process do you need to go through to be able to build on your property? The first thing to consider is whether you need planning permission from your local council. Some building projects will not need planning permission; this is called permitted development rights. This allows households to extend and make changes to their home without the need for planning permission. You will need to check with your local council whether your property is eligible for this.

If you are considering building a single-storey extension at the rear of your detached house, it cannot be more than 4 Meters beyond the property’s rear wall. For any other property, it cannot exceed 3 Meters. All side extensions on designated land will need householder planning permission. If the extension goes beyond the side elevation of the original property, it cannot exceed 4 Meters in height and can only be a single-storey extension.

The next step will be to engage with an architect or a construction company that can offer a design and build service. Once your design is in place, you can submit these plans to your local council for permission. If this is granted, you must ensure everything complies with building regulations.

You can choose between an architect or a building company to prepare suitable drawings to submit to local building control for approval. You can also use 3rd party building inspectors if you wish.

When you have everything in place, you can use those plans to gather quotes from any construction company or local builders.

When you start building your extension, you will probably think about who to employ to complete the required work. Now the difference between a local builder and a building contractor means that if you hire a local builder, you will have to find other tradespeople to carry out additional work, for example, electricians, joiners, plumbers and bricklayers. With a building contractor, they will arrange any tradespeople you need as well as project management from start to finish.

Larger scale projects

This week Samuel Sheldon Ltd has many building projects that are coming to an end, as well as starting a much bigger project in Ulverston, and we are excited to share the progress with you.

Firstly St James School in Millom will be coming to an end this week; the electrician is finishing up a few minor jobs, and the aircon is also being fitted in the classrooms. The plumbing is near completion, and once the carpets have been fitted at the end of the week, the classrooms will be ready for the staff and children to move into and enjoy.

The weather has not been on Samuel Sheldon Ltd’s side this week, which means the garage and landscaping at St Bee’s halted on Tuesday and Wednesday. The team are now back and will be laying the patio; fingers are crossed the rain stays off. The retaining walls and steps have been completed, along with the superstructure of the garage. The next stage will be to complete the roof; once again, this is dependent on the weather.

We have a small job to be completed in Millom next week: rebuilding a wall for a new customer. Afton Street in barrow will also be completed by the end of the week, and Derwentwater Close will see the completion of the large garden wall that had the exterior dashing knocked down and the damaged areas of the wall repaired and rebuilt.

One of our major building projects starting next week will be restoration works at St James Church in Millom. The team will be carrying out stonework repairs, brickwork repointing using traditional lime base mortar, repairs to the led glass windows using traditional techniques, installation of modern damp-proof membranes with existing brickwork and repairs to the damaged lime plaster using traditional materials.

The next major project will be a conversion of an old library in Ulverston, the downstairs of the property will be converted into a bar/restaurant, and the upstairs will be converted into a flat. More information on this once the project has got underway.

Lots of enquiries have been coming through this week for various jobs, making us very busy up to summer next year.

We will travel to your home or business in and around the South of Cumbria, including the Copeland areas, Egremont, Seascale, Ravenglass, Bootle, Whitehaven, St Bees, Ulverston, Ambleside and Windermere.

For all building enquiries, you can contact us on 01229 773295. Alternatively, our email address is

Behind the Scenes

Over the past few weeks, we have shared different building projects by Samuel Sheldon Ltd, from bathroom refurbishments to housing extensions, garages and landscaping. But we don’t discuss how the work is managed behind the scenes to produce quality building works.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd uses various programs and systems to organise and monitor our projects from enquiry to handover to achieve cost-effective, high-quality results. They work closely with local architects who produce professional, detailed plans to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All health and safety procedures are followed by risk assessments and applying safety measures before a project starts to create a safer working environment.

As you can see, a lot of planning goes into a building project. With building experience dating back to 1908, you can be sure you will receive excellent customer service and a professional, hard-working team.

With regard to the ongoing building projects, we have a small update to carry on from last week.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd can now see the light at the end of the tunnel with St James School in Millom. The main extension is now completed, with just the interior decoration left to finish. Outside requires the access ramp to be installed; the team has an expected completion date of two weeks.

The building project started at an old farmhouse in Ulverston; firstly, the team are removing the old plaster from the walls, damp proofing and skimming before moving on to the next stage.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd is working alongside BM Tech Services Ltd in Millom to create a commercial advert to promote the business.

Lots of enquiries have been coming through this week for various jobs, which are making us very busy all the way up to summer next year.

We will travel to your home or business in and around the South of Cumbria, including the Copeland areas, Egremont, Seascale, Ravenglass, Bootle, Whitehaven, St Bees, Ulverston, Ambleside and Windermere.

Contact us today for any building-related enquiries on 01229 773295.

Recap on this weeks work

Last week’s blog mentioned that Samuel Sheldon Ltd was continuing with building projects and starting some more in and around the Copeland areas. Here is more of an update on the progress made so far.

The team is carrying out roofing services for a customer in Grizebeck, consisting of installing new barge boards and repairing the rotten roof spars. Some general roof maintenance will also be completed.

Another update on St James School in Millom, the Samuel Sheldon Ltd team is installing a disabled access ramp into the classrooms and new toilets, sinks and kitchen units.

The garage at St Bee’s is now being constructed and will also have a GRP roof and door fitted once ready. The team will also complete sandstone flagging as well as soak away drains.

We also started another new project in Derwentwater Close in Ulverston; the rendering and dashing are in the process of being completed on the outside of the property, and inside, the team will be replacing the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, giving it a minor refurbishment.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd is continuing with the restoration of a farm cottage in Ulverston, repairing the roof and installing Velux windows. This week will see the team damp proofing the walls ready for new plastering and rendering.

Samuel Sheldon building contractors in Millom travel to your home or business in and around Copeland and the South of Cumbria. We have already provided quotes for customers in Barrow in Furness, Coniston, St Bees, Ulverston, Ravenglass and Millom

As you can see, we are still extremely busy with the building projects, but we are still available to take on some more. Whether you want a kitchen refurbishment, bathroom refurbishment, house extension, roofing services and many more, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01229 778595. Alternatively, you can email us at




Marketing around Copeland

Another busy week for the team at Samuel Sheldon Ltd; we are continuing to work on existing building projects and providing new quotes for customers in and around the West of Cumbria and surrounding Copeland areas.

Paul and Ryan have been out marketing around the Copeland areas this week, which has resulted in a large extension project in Askam which will be due to start shortly. Hopefully, we will continue to target the surrounding areas in the upcoming weeks.

The building project at St. James School in Millom is coming to an end. We have the exterior cladding is due to be completed this week. The plasterers have been back to board and skin the interior reception rooms. The plumber has fitted the new cylinder boilers, and the roof is complete and ready for rain gutters to be installed. Last week we installed electric opening Velux windows which will provide more light for the classrooms.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has made progress with the landscaping and garage in St Bees, so far, the existing garage has been demolished, and all the groundwork and sub-base are now complete to accommodate a new flagged patio area, pathways, and steps. Work can now continue on the garage, ready for the new roof and garage door.

We recently started some new building projects at Derwentwater Close in Millom, a large garden wall has had the exterior dashing knocked down and damaged areas of the wall rebuilt and repaired, ready to be re-dashed. The other project is a restoration of a farmhouse in Ulverston; external works have started on the roof to repair it and install new Velux windows. More updates on these projects as we make further progress.

We have already spoken about the extension in Afton Street – Barrow in Furness, but we are making great progress, and our plasterers have boarded and skinned the interior, and it is ready for tiles to be applied tomorrow; the concrete floor slabs are going in around the extension to form a base for a back yard.

As you can see, Samuel Sheldon Ltd is extremely busy, and the whole team is out and about providing new quotes. Karl has been visiting project locations to ensure workers have the necessary equipment and people while ensuring customers are happy with the work done. Ryan has been busy with multiple new quotes and project enquiries alongside Paul.

For all building enquiries, you can contact us on 01229 773295. Alternatively, our email address is

Second blog for September 2022

Welcome to Samuel Sheldon’s Ltd blog for the second week of September. We will continue the updates for all of our building projects from the old to the new.

.We are finally making some good progress with the house refurbishment in Coniston, the stairs are near completion regarding the plastering, and the bathroom and on-suite are in the progress of being fitted. The original plan at this property was to keep the original Victorian floor tiles in the Dining room. Unfortunately, we have discovered damp throughout, so we have had to dig the flooring up and replace the tiles. There is also an unvented water cylinder that will be the hot water source throughout the property.

A new project has started in Grizebeck; this consists of a replacement chimney, new gate and fence panels and new bargeboards. Once again, we will provide more of an update once the work has progressed.

Afton Street in Barrow in Furness has seen the exterior finished with the outside steps in place. We are working with the neighbour to rebuild the dividing wall between the two properties.

Lastly, we have made excellent progress with St James School in Millom. The roofing services on the extension has been completed, the windows and doors are now in place, the flooring has been screeded, and the cladding will be completed by next week.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has been in business for over a decade, and we have built a fantastic portfolio and some great customers to work with. We will travel to your home or business in and around the South of Cumbria, including the Copeland areas, Egremont, Seascale, Ravenglass, Bootle, Whitehaven, St Bees, Ulverston, Ambleside and Windermere.

For any building related enquires, you can contact us on 01229 773295. Alternatively, you can email us at

Askam project complete

Samuel Sheldon Ltd is continuing with building projects from last week, finishing projects and providing new quotes for new customers.

We can now happily say that the house refurbishment in Askam has been completed with the new owner ready to move in. This project first consisted of dampproofing areas downstairs as there were a few major issues with damp. The kitchen has had a full refurbishment as well as a complete bathroom refurbishment. Samuel Sheldon Ltd also installed a new boiler and pipework throughout the property. We used expert joiners to produce bespoke oak furniture, including a staircase and an oak sliding door. Electrical work was also carried out by Samuel Sheldon Ltd throughout the property, which included complete re-wiring. The bedrooms upstairs had a complete refurbishment with built-in bespoke oak furniture.

This week we saw Afton Street in Barrow in Furness have the roofing work completed on the assisted living washroom and utility room. Next week the plastering will be completed and ready for the next stage of decorating and installing the appliances, including the toilet and sink.

Much more progress has been made at St James School in Millom; the roof structure has been completed, which means the team is now ready to install and complete the roof. Today the flooring is being screeded, ready for the top layer of flooring to be completed. We also have external cedral cladding ready to be completed next week.

The Team at St Bee’s are in the process of completing the superstructure for the garage base. Once this has been completed, the bricklayers can concentrate on getting the garage built.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd will travel to your home or business in and around the South of Cumbria, including Whitehaven, Coniston, Bootle, St Bees, Ravenglass, Askam, Ulverston, Barrow in Furness, Ambleside and Windermere

For any building-related enquiries, you can contact us on 01229 773295. You can also contact us at

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