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Securing Your Roof for Winter

Samuel SheldonNews News FrontpageSecuring Your Roof for Winter

Securing Your Roof for Winter

9 December 2022 Posted by Samuel Sheldon News News Frontpage

Samuel Sheldon has been braving the freezing weather this month with a wide variety of roofing work both in and out of the local area. As the temperatures start dropping, it is especially important to make sure your roof is up to par. Holes and leaks in your roof can be disastrous to the structural integrity of your home if left unattended and can leave you with a scary bill close to the holidays. Many people may misunderstand the importance of having your roof properly maintained and repaired when damaged. 

In Barrow, the team have been fitting a GRP roof for a customer who wants to be as protected as possible in the winter temperatures. By laminating the roof with resin, fibreglass and topcoat, the roof will last for decades. When laid on a properly maintained roof, this will help to protect it against water in the case of any leaks or holes opening on the structure. A GRP roofing system is perfect if you want your roof secure against anything weather and nature has and is best suited for flat roofs. 

We have also been at The Green to install PVC Fascias and guttering to the roof of a customer’s home. Without gutters, it is hard to tell where water will end up, and this can lead to pests and excess water leaking into your home through the roof. Guttering helps to divert water away from parts of your home by guiding it to a drain to help protect against dampness in and around the roof or walls. This can be very costly if left to get worse and can cause severe damage in the long term. 

Samuel Sheldon has been installing damp proofing membranes at a customer’s home in Broughton, in the bathroom, kitchen and around other areas that can pose a risk of dampness, like the roof. Samuel Sheldon can ensure that every room in your house at risk is properly protected with modern damp-proofing so that damage from water is greatly reduced. 

As we mentioned last week, the St. James Church project is still underway. We have begun repairing the walls and floor of the interior with locally sourced, traditionally made and installed materials so that the new, structurally improved and repaired church maintains the history and feel of the original building. We have been working closely with the laws surrounding heritage buildings as we have in the past, so the building is in line with their standards. 

With the energy and cost of living crisis, it is more important than ever before for people to keep their homes secure against leaks and drafts. The last thing you need in these hard times is for the supporting structure to fail and the roof to collapse, leaving you with a scary price tag at the worst of times. The safest thing to do is to have some preventative maintenance and checks performed and to get it repaired before the damage gets worse. Samuel Sheldon Ltd can help, just contact us on 01229 773295 or email us at, and we can discuss what you need. 

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