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Finishing Projects

Finishing Projects

4 November 2022 Posted by Samuel Sheldon News News Frontpage

It’s been a busy week finishing up jobs for Samuel Sheldon Ltd. We are thrilled with the progress on our client’s projects thus far with many of the building projects completed to our high standards. You’re all due an update on where we are at.

St Bees, which we updated you all on in the last blog, is now complete. The landscaping and groundwork are complete, we have installed the garage as the client wanted it and finished the installation of the garage doors. We are very happy with how it all came out and hope it serves as an example of the quality landscaping and garages we can perform.

St James is now fully completed, with the extra jobs inside the classrooms finished and up to our standards. This was a job located in the local area, which we hope will inspire others in the area to consider getting extensions of their own.

The library at Ulverston has been proceeding nicely; the ground floor stud walls have been installed to create the layout of the bar and restaurant area. The next stage will be to set up an acoustic ceiling, which will help to soundproof the apartment above to avoid noise leaking in.

The colin pit farm project as mentioned last week has had the kitchen refurbishment installed. The final stage will be to refit the bathroom and ensure it is correctly waterproofed against leaks. Bathroom refurbishments are a common request for Samuel Sheldon Ltd and we want to make sure all of this work is up to our high standards. After all, your satisfaction is our reputation.

We have been doing some more work on the Ulpha Church restoration, replacing the sandstone coins and the leadwork underneath. Additionally, we will be working on a traditional lime render and mortar to keep to the theme of the building. We want to make sure that the restoration won’t ruin the style of the building.

But that’s not all; lots more enquiries and quotes have come in and gone out for some exciting future projects, and members of the team have been out and about pricing up jobs, such as a big extension down at Ulverston and a few here in Millom.

If you want to improve your property, build a new one or refit the rooms, why not choose Samuel Sheldon Ltd? We strive to provide completed projects at top quality and speed and would love to discuss what you would like. Please do get in touch by phoning 01229 773295, or email us at

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