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Broughton Garage base

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Broughton Garage base

11 August 2022 Posted by Samuel Sheldon News News Frontpage

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has had a hard-working, dedicated team working in Broughton In Furness, completing a garage base to accommodate a pre-fabricated concrete garage.

This involved digging out, forming a stepped strip foundation, and then building a flat block around the perimeter.
The sub-base consisted of crushed compacted hardcore, sand blinding, a Visqueen damp proof membrane, and steel to reinforce the concrete slab.
The concrete slab consisted of a stepped foundation with a flat block construction which is more than substantial to suit the pre-fabricated concrete garage.
The work at St James School in Millom has been set up in accordance with health and safety standards to create a safer working environment for the personnel on site and to warn any passers-by of the dangers of a construction site.
The old conservatory and concrete slab have been removed to make way for the new raft foundation, which the structural engineer specified.
The pre-construction survey revealed asbestos on site, which had to be removed by a professional and licensed company.
Radon was also detected in the ground, so a radon sump and barrier must be installed under the new concrete slab per new building regulations.
Paul and Ryan have been out again providing quotes for various new building projects this week; they have travelled to,

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Over the school summer holidays, work will continue at St James school; and will continue on the new garage and landscaping in St bees. So far, the old garage is in the process of being taken down.

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