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Work continues..

Work continues..

30 June 2022 Posted by Samuel Sheldon News News Frontpage

Last week we went over all of the building projects that Samuel Sheldon Ltd was working on and wrote about how the projects were coming to an end.

This week we had two of the building projects signed off and finished: the house extension on Butler street and the shed/outdoor storage area on Nelson Street.

Regarding the luxury beach hut in Silcroft, the hot tub has been installed, and last week a shower room was fitted on the inside of the hut. We are very near to completion with this project.

The house refurbishment in Askam has now been fitted out with a new kitchen. The team are in their finishing up plastering throughout the property. The flooring needs to be completed so the new stairs can be fitted. Once this is complete, only minor jobs will be left to finish.

The complete house refurbishment in Coniston is still progressing, with the rendering on the property to be completed within the coming weeks.

Paul and Bryan have been visiting new customers this week and providing quotes for various jobs, which include,

The most recent building project in Broughton, consisting of a new garage, has also progressed nicely this week. The team have laid the foundation blocks, ready for the sub-base and the concrete floor.

we offer our services around Cumbria and the local Copeland areas, including

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