"Thank you for keeping me informed of proceedings at the property. I am very satisfied with what has been done, and the result is just as we discussed. Thank you again".

A domestic client


Roof Cumbria

An old or leaking roof can cause all sorts of problems if it isnít properly dealt with. Leaks can cause rapid deterioration of the building, and old, poorly insulated or leaking roofs are very inefficient. Most wasted heat from a building is lost through the roof, so if the roof is in poor condition it makes the problem worse.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd can carry out any roofing work you care to mention, whether itís replacing a slipped slate here and there or replacing the entire roof. We can work with a variety of materials including tiles and imported and domestic slates, and we can also supply and install modern insulation to ensure that your property is as warm Ė and as energy efficient Ė as it can be. Weíll handle everything from ordering the scaffold to supplying the slates, meaning that thereís nothing for you to worry about.