"Thank you for keeping me informed of proceedings at the property. I am very satisfied with what has been done, and the result is just as we discussed. Thank you again".

A domestic client



Nowadays itís a lot easier, and far more common, to have work carried out which drastically alters the shape or size or your property. If that property is a listed building however, it can be hard to modify it and remain within the regulations.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has plenty of experience of working in old and listed buildings; we have carried out a number of projects at local churches, school rooms and a variety of other buildings which have required us to use such traditional building techniques as plastering with horse hair and lime plaster, joinery and stonemasonry.

Of course it may just be that you live in an older property which isnít listed but you still wish for any restoration work to match the style in which the original building was constructed. We will work on any older building from a barn to a country house, restoring and modernising using our blend of time honoured techniques and modern technology to improve and rejuvenate the building whilst still retaining its original character.

We have worked with many architects and bodies who specialise in overseeing restoration work Ė including English Heritage Ė and are very experienced in working to their exacting standards. If you have an older property or are starting a restoration project please contact us for details for how we can help you.