"Thank you for keeping me informed of proceedings at the property. I am very satisfied with what has been done, and the result is just as we discussed. Thank you again".

A domestic client

The Public Sector

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has a long history of working with public sector bodies and understanding and servicing their particular needs.

Public sector bodies, like all clients, require the workmanship that is carried out on their properties to be of as high a quality as possible, but as well as that they all have their own particular procedures and ways of working that any contractor who is to work with them successfully, must adapt to. Unfortunately, too many contractors try to stamp their routines and their ways of working onto the client, often leading to misunderstandings and frustration between the two parties.

We at Samuel Sheldon Ltd are different. We have a huge experience of working with organisations such as yours and have worked with all kinds of clients over the years, each with their own particular ways of doing things. We can adapt to your way of working, maintain the high level of quality on which our reputation stands and get the job done in the least disruptive way possible.

Many clients have unusual times of working, or can only free up parts of their buildings for so long to be worked on. There are a massive number of potential working constraints, but we have come across virtually all of them and we know how to organise ourselves to be able to get your job done. A lot of our clients also have sub-contractors or suppliers they prefer using to procure the particular products or services they require. Don’t worry, we are very experienced in dealing with a bewildering array of sub-contractors and suppliers and can make sure that you get the goods and services you require.

Local Authority and Education

As I am sure you are aware the financial future for schools is going to be increasingly difficult for the foreseeable future. Budgets are being cut and resources stretched, everyone is being asked to do more, with less, both in the private and public sectors.

As a building business with a long history of working with schools we know just how much pressure you are under and how careful you need to be with your schools purse strings. The core of our clientele are schools and over the years we have built up long working relationships with many local schools. Unlike most other building businesses who are interested in making as much as they can from a certain project we prefer to build up a relationship with a school and work with a school so that what a school envisages being carried out within its particular budget is carried out. Our business is continually being asked by schools to carry out ‘such and such’ project for a certain budget, sometimes this can be very challenging but we try our best to allow schools to achieve the results they desire so that all parties are happy at the end of the day. The school have got the project done they require, we have been able to carry out the work and hopefully we have built a relationship with a school who will return to us when they require further work.

Although the majority of work we do for schools we do through a third party agent, we are also more than happy to do work directly for schools.

Samuel Sheldon Ltd has been fortunate enough in recent decades to have carried out hundreds of large projects at almost every local school. Although we are often set some very challenging timescales for many of the projects we are involved in at schools – as in other public sector projects – we understand the importance of deadlines to a school facility. Over the years we have built up a very highly experienced and organised team who can not only get the job done on time but to a high standard, but can also develop an efficient and professional working relationship with the many people often involved in these projects. We understand that a teacher’s job is to teach, not to run around after builders – which is why our experience of working in schools is so important when it comes to allowing them to function properly during the works. We will work both with and around a school, leaving it free to carry on doing what it does best. Although the vast majority of work we do for schools is organised through a project manager or design service, we are fully able to organise and carry out more minor works for schools ourselves.