"Thank you for keeping me informed of proceedings at the property. I am very satisfied with what has been done, and the result is just as we discussed. Thank you again".

A domestic client

Grant-Assisted Work

Samuel Sheldon Ltd is currently helping a large amount of people to carry out remedial work or to upgrade their homes through locally available grants. Many of these, though not all, are funded through local council schemes and allow disabled homeowners and homeowners of limited means to bring their properties up to a safe, healthy standard or to make them more suitable for their current and future needs.

We are fully experienced in dealing with the homeowners, their agents (if they are using one) and the local councils to ensure that our work is carried out to a high standard and excellent value for money, unlike some builders who simply see grant works as an opportunity to cash in on public funds and get away with shoddy workmanship. Of course there are more grants available than just housing regeneration we are used to carrying out farming and agriculture, sports facility and commercial grant projects to name but a few. Whether you are the homeowner, the funding body or a third party agent, you can trust Samuel Sheldon Ltd to carry out work on time and to a high standard, making your job as easy as possible.