"Thank you for keeping me informed of proceedings at the property. I am very satisfied with what has been done, and the result is just as we discussed. Thank you again".

A domestic client



Our team of experienced building contractors have the knowledge and experience to design and build extensions to existing buildings which are comepletely in keeping with the original structure and work through every stage of the project until the new extension is ready for you to move in and decorate.

We can find and source materials to match the original building or if necessary or prefered we can find modern substitutes that will seamlessly blend in to the rest of the building. Our skilled craftsmen can even replicate any unique features of the building such as arch ways and carvings to make sure even the details are right on your new extension.

Our team includes experienced builders, plasterers, roofers and joiners so we can complete the whole extension project with out you having to find different workmen for different jobs or having to schedule one set of workers around another.